Extracurricular activities for kids while going for evening walk

The word parenting brings in a whole lot of responsibilities in a couple’s world. It seems the world changes completely. The ways of celebrations, fun, daily routine everything changes. In fact parents tend to spoil their health as well due to consistent exhaustion. It is very essential for both parents to take great care of their health. Since, they now have to take care of their little one, it becomes integral to keep oneself fit at the same time. Parents would never accept to find their children infected due to them. Hence, they need to undertake certain measures in order to stay fit and calm.

Despite of busy work schedule, parents can include a part of fitness regimen in their life. Brisk Walking is one of the most effective and ideal workout activities. It would aid the person in staying fit, healthy and active. Talking about walk outside, parents might wonder what to do with children? How should they be kept busy so that the parents might find time for the walk? The answer is to keep them busy in extracurricular activities.

Options for extracurricular activities for children

Childhood is the age of experimenting and exploring. In fact children if taught from an early age learn fast as compared to adults. Co-curricular activities add to a child’s creativity, talent and personality. Here are some interesting co curricular activities, that parent can consider enrolling their children in.

Art & Craft

Most of the children love doing art and craft activities. If the child is really interested, search for a good drawing, sketch or art and craft classes nearby. There are many hobby classes and academies which tutor these budding artists and nurture their talent. These classes may be for an hour or two. So it would give the parent ample of time to go for walk while the child is busy painting.


Skating is quite popular among children. Most of them hope to have skates and learn them as soon as possible. Many schools have in house skating classes. Other than schools even various clubs and sports academy conduct skating classes for children. The parents can research for one of these and enroll their child for it.

Kids can also choose electric scooters for fun. These are similar to ride as skates and provide a great experience for children specially when the journey is a downhill one.


Music comprises of a variety of genre. Parents can introduce their children to music in order to learn about their favorite genre. Through this, parents would come to know of their child’s inherent qualities at an early age. Children often enjoy music. In fact the pre schooling methods have enormous music related activities to help children learn better. One never knows what might fascinate the child. It can be a guitar or then the key board or then the drums.

If the parents think the child has got what it takes to be a good musician, it is advisable to explore the opportunities which can help them grow. Music helps child develop his or her overall personality. Parents can discuss about this stream with their children before enrolling them as well.


Dancing has always been a hit way to enjoy and exercise. In fact dancing or choreography has gained quite some popularity as a profession to choose. Children as innocent they are can start tapping their feet to any music one plays for them. Even if they are not trained, they would not bother about it. In fact they would enjoy dancing to their fullest. Hence parents should introduce their children to dance classes. Since there are different forms of dancing, parents can explore the best that appeals their child.


The concept of co-curricular activities has changed with time. Today parents do not mind spending their hard earned money if the classes are benefiting their children. What more isn’t it great that both the parents and the children get to do what they want at the same time. Even if the parents do not get time to walk while the children are at school they sure can take out time while they are pursuing their passion.

How to head out for shopping with two kids?

77Motherhood is a beautiful phase in the life of a woman. The feelings definitely cannot be expressed in words. What then becomes challenging is that handling children and the ‘other’ responsibilities. For instance, going out shopping with two children of age five and 8 months can definitely be a daunting task!

I always believe that the simplest way to reduce or remove undue stress of shopping with children is having an adult accompany me. I generally prefer my friend who is a mother and knows the challenges to be faced. So while I go to check out the stuff, she takes care of the children. When she is about to hit the trial room I make sure I am around the toddler and the infant.

A nice snugly, comfortable and lightweight stroller is my savior while I am in a shopping mall. I let my five year old and the infant be seated while I check out the grocery items required for the house. Alternatively if my elder one desires to get out of the stroller, I use one side to stack my stuff for the billing. A stroller is an apt choice in case my friend is not able to turn up for shopping. For my eight month old, I have chose the most comfortable baby carrier so that I can keep the baby close to me always.

As a mother I try to follow a not-so-monotonous shopping regime. I ensure that few snack bars or kids shop or baby shop are covered along so that the children do not lose interest and become cranky. This may slightly elongate my shopping schedule. But if my children are happy enough, what more could I ask for?

Play or fun areas in the shopping malls are what give me joy more than my children. When I am all by myself for the shopping, I necessarily see to it that the children get a chance to enjoy in the play area with the swings, merry-go-round, bat and ball. This rejuvenates them in an interesting way before I resume my shopping in the mall. As for my eight month old, I carry few rattlers in the back pack so that the baby remains less irritable.

For quick shopping, I prefer morning or afternoon time with my children. While the infant almost falls asleep in the stroller, the elder one is seated. I get sufficient time and patience to pick most of my necessities without having to worry about my children.

Whenever I need to venture out of the house with my five year old and eight month baby, I certainly make sure I avoid crowded places. Crowded places can turn into irritation for the children and chaotic for the parents as well. So in case I wish to avail profitable discounts in jam-packed shops, I prefer going with my friend.

The most important must-have is a backpack that I carry with myself for both the children. While the younger one needs the feeder and nappies, the elder one requires handkerchiefs and biscuits. All their necessities are stocked in this one bag in case of emergencies.

Why miss shopping errands just because of children? I am smart enough to know best ways of handling them to make my shopping trips a fun ride!

How to study peacefully when you have kids around?

It is always good to keep improving on the skills of study. Sadly this is not possible in an environment which is noisy, causes distraction and chaotic. For better concentration on studies, it is must to be seated in a peaceful environment. A serene ambiance encourages better utilization of time, improvement in grasping power and hence better results in the examinations.

Few factors that can help create such an environment are:

Place of study

Location is one of the key factors in making or breaking peace while studying. One has to choose the most comfortable place where he or she can sit with ease and study peacefully. Some people may find convenience in a coffee shop or library or friend’s place while rest may feel comfortable at their own homes. The benefit of studying at home is that one can monitor the noise volume around to seek peace. It is always preferred to sit on a desk or comfortable chair rather than lying down on the couch – lest one might fall asleep!

Getting rid of distractions

As a student it is important to choose a room that gives maximum control over the distractions. One should get complete disconnection from social media, mobile messages, calls, television programs and noise of people outside the room or home. One might want to shut the doors and windows to focus entirely on studies. Some people also consider chirping of birds and smell of yummy food as a distraction. One should ensure that the place of study is clutter free to improve concentration level.

Positivity breeds peace

Avoidance of a dull atmosphere to get tranquility is must. Hence one should study in rooms where there is enough light. Any person studying during daytime has better chances of getting concentration in studies compared to those at night. Those people, who prefer night, should ensure that the study table or desk has sufficient light to get rid of darkness which can be gloomy and pretty distracting.

Right Body Temperature

The right body temperature is one important factor that helps seek peace while studying. If the body is very warm, one may feel exhausted and dull. One can open the windows to catch cool breeze for relaxation. Those people who experience coolness can slip on a warmer or thin jacket to feel cozy enough to focus on studies.

Keep important things close

More often than not getting up to get stationery or snacks or even going to washroom can pose as distraction. Hence while studying one should ensure that pen, pencils, sharpener, books, dictionary, snacks and water are kept within reach. Another important thing while reading is the use of noise cancelling headphones which can be of great help in reducing the unwanted noise from outside. You can find a list of the best ones here.


These are few of the important things that one should bear in mind while studying. A peaceful environment can work wonders in improving one’s focus in studies as well as excelling in examinations. Most of all it is important for each person to seek inner peace by keeping aside all worries and stress for a peaceful mind. A mind at peace will ensure greater efficiency and productivity vis-à-vis the one that remains troubled.

Top 3 baby monitors for iPhone

22Babies need care and attention 24 hours a day. New parents often panic as to how to attend to the child along with doing other chores as well. These are the times when Baby monitors come of help. Baby monitors are like baby alarms built up with a radio system. The price and types of baby monitors may differ according to their respective features. Baby monitors transmit the sounds through radio technology to the speaker. These speakers can then be taken along by the parent to a defined distance. For e.g. after putting the baby to sleep in the nursery the mother can place the speaker in the kitchen.

Types of Baby Monitors

With the growing technology the baby monitors now come with enhanced features. Unlike audio baby monitors there are monitors with video camera installed. Some baby monitors have the two-way communication feature which allows the parents to communicate with the baby. Baby monitors can be classified as follows –

• Video baby monitors
• Movement monitors
• Wired and Wireless Monitors
• Baby Monitors for Smart phones

You can take a look at the top baby monitor 2014 on Watch My Tot which offers genuine reviews on various kinds of baby monitors and also helps people get discount online.

Baby Monitors for i-Phone

Technology has now made it convenient for us to keep a tab on babies while the parents are at work, or anywhere out of the house. This is possible through smart phones. Smart phones such as iPhone has apps available that can help the parents connect with the baby monitor. The thing to consider is that not all baby monitors offer this feature. Here are some baby monitors that can be connected to an i-Phone:

1. Withings Smart Baby Monitor – With this device and iPhone in hand the parents can stay connected to the baby for as long as they want. This baby monitor has an inbuilt camera which helps you view what the baby is doing. The sound and video quality of this monitor is of high resolution enabling you a clear view. With the help of this baby monitor, the parents can monitor sound, motion even temperature and humidity levels in the baby’s room.

2. BabyPing Secure Wi-Fi Baby Monitor – This monitor needs a wi-fi network for connecting to you to the baby, using the i-phone. Two very special features of this baby monitor are –

a. The monitor has a night mode vision mode, which enables the parents to keep a tab on the baby even when it’s dark.
b. This device offers double layer security as well

3. iBaby M3 Baby monitor for the iOS – This device helps in keeping a track on the baby even from a larger distance. Also the monitor is a little movable and can be minutely rotated. Baby Monitors are a great way to manage the baby along with fulfilling other tasks as well? It is all thanks to the technology that parents can actually rest and be assured about their baby’s security.


How to Keep Your Car Safe for Children?

In this fast pacing lifestyle, it has become essential for people to either purchase car on loan or rather own it. Since requirements in life arrive like a door bell, it becomes essential for people to stay prepared for it. In a family of three and even four, it has become essential for parents to keep a car. Car facilitates an easy travel from one place to another. It fulfills every basic requirement with respect to outdoor travelling. Parents should be extremely cautious while travelling in cars. Parents will babies find it really challenging in travelling with them in car. They need to be extremely cautious with respect to their seating. Hence, explore the key ways of ensuring car safety for children.

Ways for keep children safe in car:

  1. Convertible Car Seats: Convertible car seat is similar to rear facing car seat. It is one of the type. Apart from convertible car seat even infant car seat is a part of it. It can well equip babies weighing from 40 to 80 pounds in weight. I have Britax Marathon G4 which is rated as the best convertible car seat 2014 by many online resources.
  2. Rear Facing Seats: Rear facing seats are the foremost requirement for carrying baby in the age bracket of 0 to 3 years. Rear facing seats are placed in a 45 degrees angle in order to support to head of baby. This type of seat helps in easy breathing. Baby finds it extremely comfortable while it is being laid in this position. It is essential to keep them in this rear facing seat for as much time possible. It will prevent the baby from feeling any jerks, crash or sudden stoppage of car.
  3. Forward Facing Seats: Foremost facing seats are used for children in the age bracket of 4 years to 7 years. It is essential for them to use this seat so that their safety is ensured. In this type of seating arrangement, the harness straps are pulled to fit children’s shoulders. Since the height of children does not reach to a certain level, forward facing seats are used in such a situation.
  4. Booster Seats: Booster seats are used by children in the age bracket of 8 years to 12 years. During this time, their height achieves a certain growth that they so not require the need of forward facing seats. However, here as well the child is not at par of seat belts. The seat positions the child in a way that the belt crosses from shoulder to lap in a diagonal manner. However, parents should ensure to place their children in back seat since they have yet not achieved the age and body to equip with seat belt.
  5. Seat Belts: Seat Belts lie in the front set on both the ends. Children when surpass the age group of 12 years and above, then only would be able to sit with seat belts. Seat belts are towards the left hand of the passenger, while it is on left hand of the one who is driving car.

We will we adding more safety tips and safer travel for you and your family.